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A short bit about me

I started to have these dreams where I would be dancing with colour flying out of my body leaving marks in the air. Since then I have started to combine dance and painting. Discovering a new form of blissfulness for me. I perform live painting directly onto a large canvas sheet, using the body as a means to paint. The beauty of the dance with paint performance is that it brings the audience with the artist on the creative process.

This practice is an attempt to physicalise how I feel when I am moving and performing. I look forward to each Dance With Paint performance as the energy I feel from them is rejuvenating and empowering, I feel alive. When I move I find myself in a trance, a new world where energy, ideas and movements flow through different parts of my body and into space. When I paint I find peace, a calmness but a playfulness that is explored through the unlimited possibilities and excitement offered from a blank canvas. When combining the two its almost as if the feelings are magnified.

Within all my practices, drawing, painting, dancing, dancing with paint and even in life, I am exploring flow - the connection of movements and shapes in a way that becomes mesmerising. The very nature of flow requires that there is no resistance, meaning that creating can become easy, spontaneous, thoughtless and more truthful when in this state of flow.

Within art the creative journey is just as important if not more important than the end result. The beauty about a Dance With Paint is that it brings the audience in on the artistic process. For a long time I 'tried' to create artwork that looked like what I imagined art 'should' look like. This resulted in artwork that was sketchy, misshaped and forced. But this was part of the process, I soon learned that I have to let myself draw, paint, dance how I felt, free from any set of ideas. Separating from the mind and letting the body takeover. Learning to realise that there is no right or wrong however subtle, by giving attention to every line, feeling and decision. Letting the concept of mistake’ disappear and creating new choices based upon breaking these habits and letting them evolve how they wish to evolve. My work is the result of me finally finding balance in letting myself flow into the world

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